Sunday, January 31, 2010

Potty Training

Well, we are finally figuring out the potty training thing (at 3 years old...makes me feel like a bad mother). We honestly tried several times before, but just couldn't get Aly interested. I think what finally worked for us is telling her what a Super girl she is. (Her favorite Dora movie is Super Babies, so she likes being called Super Aly when she pees on the potty). We reserve this name for big girl stuff, but mainly potty time. After only 1 week, she basically goes by herself (though I try to follow her in there to make sure she isn't just playing). She has had only 3 accidents this week (1 pee, 2 poo). The pee I think was because she was mad and crying and didnt realize it, and the poo I think she just doesn't differentiate between that and gas maybe? Yesterday, when she woke up (Dave and I were in the other room), she looked at us through the door and then went straight to the bathroom to do her business! I was so proud!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Well, it's been forever, so this is just a quick update post for anyone who may occasionally check in on me.

Dave and I are currently living in Orlando, FL. We are attending Motorcycle Mechanics Institute here. I really enjoy working on motorcycles, but because of the economy and difficulty finding jobs, I will probably be working on my nursing degree when we are done here. We are planning to move back to the Murray, KY area in late April and I will start school in the fall.

Alyson is 3 years old now and doing very well. She is inthe process of learning her alphabet and speaks in phrases. I don't know where that compares to children her age, but don't care lol. She is progressing and is a smart little girl, so I don't see any reason to compare her to other children.

Well, its short and to the point, but that's what's going on with us right now. As always, I hope to start keeping up with the blog again, but no promises.