Sunday, April 4, 2010


So, we went to the beach today....for the first time since moving to Florida! (How lame are we?) It was a fun day though...we played in the waves for awhile, but Aly didn't want to be let down at all, so one or the other of us was carrying her all the time that we were in the water.

Aly and I also looked for shells (Cocoa Beach is not the best for actually finding good ones though). We mostly found broken shells but still some pretty cool looking ones, so we kept quite a few. I am considering trying to string some of the whole shells or the really interesting bits onto a necklace cause I think it would look neat...i'm into the whole natural stones and interesting pieces thing rather than plastic beads churned off an assembly line strung on a necklace with 50 more like it.

We also played in the sand and semi-built a sand castle....then had Aly stomp it to bits before we left...she got a kick out of that and it made for some decent pictures. We would have liked to had more time out there today, but the sun and waves combo....just made us sleepy. Dave and I are both sporting wonderful sunburns, but atleast we are good parents and Aly was well-protected from the sun (next time we will have to remember...sunblock is for adults too!)