Friday, October 3, 2008


Ok, everyone, here are the pictures I promised. These are all August or more recent. We took some great family pictures this summer, but Georgia has the disk, so I will upload some of those later.

Dave and Alyson on the 4-wheeler (moving our bed into Grandma's house).

Alyson in her new Dora outfit from Grandma.

More Dora

Swimming in the bathtub.

Our "new" couch.

With the exception of the 4-wheeler picture, all of these were taken at our apartment in Orlando. I'll try to get the family pictures uploaded soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hmmm. I've been out of touch!

Sorry to anyone who checks my blog with any regularity...obviously I haven't posted in quite some time. My "little baby" is almost 2 years old now and of course she is HUGE! Pictures coming soon, I promise. We are now living in Orlando, FL. We moved here so that Dave could attend school at Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI), and now I have decided to join him as well. He started classes Sep. 2, and I will start Nov. 24. We will both be studying to be motorcycle technicians, Dave is specializing in Harley Davidson and Kawasaki, and I will be specializing in Honda and Yamaha. Eventually we plan to open our own shop, so we figure we have most of the bases covered this way. Other than that, we are doing well, everyone here is happy and healthy. I've got to get some pictures uploaded SOON!